5 Expert Tips: How to Find the Right Bra?
18 Jul 2023
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5 Expert Tips: How to Find the Right Bra?

“What to consider when buying a bra?”


“Am I wearing the right size?”


“How to find the perfect bra for me?”


Sounds familiar? With wide variations in sizing, styles, materials, features and functions, it can feel like an endless journey to find well-fitting bra, without it being annoying or painful.


It’s 2023 and while we are all deep into self-love, let’s stop settling for bras that only “cover” our breasts and get serious about bras that truly do the work.


Let’s start off with the basics.


1. Always measure your size – there’s no one-size for all.


How to measure bra size


Think you know your bra size? Maybe you do – but, maybe you are not so sure yourself. This is one of the common mistakes made. We always seem to fall back to our “comfort size”, or the “same size” for every new bra we purchase regardless of material, type or style!


Flash news, bra sizing is complicated; it is a combination of art and science, numbers and alphabets - the brand, style, cutting and even the fabric used can make a huge difference to the sizing that fits you right.


Before buying a bra, it’s recommended to measure again as our body changes from time to time. It takes less than 5 minutes of your day to save you from discomfort for 6 months of wearing ill-fitting bra. You can even measure it yourself!


What You Need: Measuring tape & wired bra


How to Measure:


How to measure your breast size


How to Calculate:


A: Bust Measurement

B: Band Measurement

C (A – B): Cup Volume


Example :


If your measurements are,

A = 90cm,

B = 80cm,


C (90 – 80) = 10cm



How to Determine Your Size:


Once you have all the measurements – refer to the chart below to determine your bra size:


Neubodi Bra Size Chart


Our professional bra consultants are trained to master the art of identifying our customer’s bra size and knowing which bra styles suit them best without using any measuring tape (it’s true!).


If you are confused, our consultants are more than happy to help – chat with us here or visit us for FREE fitting session here.



2. Ask yourself what you want in a bra


Bra Styles & Types Neubodi


Knowing your bra size is important, however the magic will not work itself if you have no idea what you are looking for.


A bra is deemed as the most hardworking garment we wear on our body.  It is important to know the different bras that match different lifestyles, including the different support and functions they have.


Next time you shop for a bra, try asking yourself - What do I need this bra to do for me?”


Here are quick tips for you:


If you want - Extra support,

Get Wired Bras


Comfortable wired bras Neubodi


Our wired bras are both made of normal wire OR Flexi-Wire; an innovation that gives you the flexibility normal wires don’t have. It is designed to support and shape your breasts for a better lift with the comfort similar to a wireless bra. You are in good hands with this one.


If you want - All day comfort,

Get Wireless Bras


Best Wireless Bras Neubodi


This is the bra you can comfortably wear for you to lounge in your house on weekend (we love lazy Sundays!). It’s comfortable yet it still gives you the support just enough for the day.


If you want - Enhanced cleavage

Get Push Up Bras


Push Up Bras Neubodi


It’s called a push-up bra because it pushes your breasts closer to create natural cleavage finishing. It usually comes with wired cups which provides great lift too.


If you want - Low neckline

Get Plunge Bras


Sexy Plunge Bras Neubodi


Donning a low-neckline dress/shirt? This bra is just what you need as it is designed with a deep V yet still give you the coverage and support you need.


If you want – Smooth silhouette

Get T-Shirt Bras


Smooth T-Shirt bras Neubodi


You need to have at least one of this in your wardrobe. This is your go-to and casual bra - perfect for under t-shirt or tight fitting clothing. It comes with padded cups with seamless finishing to make it appear invisible.


If you want – Multi-look

Get Convertible/Strapless Bras


Strapless bras Neubodi


This bra gives you options to play with its detachable straps. You can literally style it any way you like, depending on your mood for the day. You can rock it cross-shoulder, halter, criss-cross and you can go strapless too.



3. Try it on with the correct method (Swoop, Scoop, Smooth)


How to wear a bra


You would spend your entire life finding the right bra if you wear it wrong at the first place.

This is how you should put on your bra before anything else.


Step 1 - Swoop


easy steps to wear a bra


Step 2 - Scoop


how to wear a bra properly


Step 3 - Smooth


correct steps to wear a bra



Learn more about it here.


4. Search for the key signs


signs you are wearing the wrong bra size


Now, once tried on – these are the key signs to search for (better to have a mirror in front of you):



Search 1: Look at the bra cups


wrong cup size


If you see -> your breasts are spilling over the cup ->  Cup is too small



 wrong bra cup size


If you see -> a noticeable gap between your breasts and the cup ->  Cup is too big


Things to note:


*The cups should hold your entire breast with the bridge separating them

*If one breast is larger than the other (for most cases), remove the padding on the larger breast to balance them out.



Search 2: Check on the shoulder straps


bra straps too loose


If you see -> the straps are slipping ->  Straps are too loose



bra straps too tight


If you see -> the straps are digging into your skin -> Straps are too tight


Things to note:


*The straps should be able to be stretched and fit in two fingers

*The straps should not leave any redness on your shoulders



Search 3: Turn around to see your back (you can also ask your friend to help)


band is too big


If you see -> the band glides up at the back -> Band is too big



band is too tight


If you see -> side bulges and it feels suffocating -> Band is too small


Things to note:


*The band should lay perfectly flat around your under-bust

*You should be able to comfortably fasten a bra on the second or third hook—If you can only fasten the bra on the last hook, the band is too small.



5. Don’t procrastinate to replace your bra


old bras example


We all have our favourite bras – and truth to be told, most of the time, it just doesn’t feel the same with new bras. But then again, even the best (or favourite) bras tear apart eventually.


Although it takes time to get used to the new fit, a new bra is always a better bra for your breasts (now that you know how to find the right bra!).


Well, these are obvious signs to say goodbye to your old bra:


X The band just won’t lay flat around your under-bust even when you tried to make it as tight as you can


X The underwire starts poking out to the side and it starts to feel painful to wear it


X The fabric is no longer smooth – fraying or buckling


X The straps start slipping off your shoulder


Overall; when it’s time to shop for a bra, it’s good to measure again and get refitted by the consultants. Let go of the notion that one-time fitting is enough to know your size once and for all. We change our bras every 6 months and who knows how our breasts may change throughout our lives – it can be a result of weight loss, pregnancy, even aging factor which makes the bra size you usually wear is no longer the right size for you.


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