Common Shapewear Myths, Explained
15 Mar 2024
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Common Shapewear Myths, Explained

For people who wear shapewear, pretty sure at least once in your lifetime you will hear people say -


You wear shapewear? Oh my god, are they safe?”

Why do you need to wear shapewear? Did you gain weight?”


Well, ain’t that a way to ruin someone’s day.


The truth is, shapewear have been around a really long time and in the modern age, they have become a go-to solution for many people when it comes to achieving that smooth, perfect silhouette. However, not everybody has good impressions towards shapewear simply because of the misconceptions that have been going around for decades.


So, in this blog post we will try to separate the facts from the myths and explain why shapewear are not all so bad.



Myth: Shapewear are uncomfortable to wear

Fact: Shapewear have evolved to cater to comfort


Common Shapewear Myths


The first myth about shapewear is they are uncomfortable to wear. But are they really?


Although corsets in the past are made of steel which leads to stiffness and discomfort but that was way before the revolution of new-designed shapewear. Now, the experts have explored the latest innovations in fabric technology, design and fit for different compression levels of modern shapewear without sabotaging comfort.


As long as you wear the right size for your body type, just like any other piece of garment - shapewear should not make it difficult to breathe and it should not be painful in any way.


If you’ve had bad experience with shapewear, it might be because the shapewear were not the right size and type for you. You might want to re-check with our consultants on your size.




Myth: Shapewear guarantee weight loss

Fact: Shapewear enhance your appearance


Top Shapewear Misconceptions


As much as we wish this isn’t a myth, we’d like to believe it started from a misunderstanding of the relationship between shapewear and weight loss. Or really it’s just marketing work.


Hence, there are people that actually believe shapewear are some sort of magic tools that will reduce your weight without anything else in the picture.


Let's get this straight – shapewear are not your solution for a healthy lifestyle or weight loss. They do however, have an important role in enhancing your natural curves. Shapewear make you appear slimmer or more toned (keyword here is ‘appear’) but they do not have the power to immediately slim you down or permanently reshape your body.


And no, it cannot be an excuse for you to skip your work out session.



Myth: Shapewear need to be one size smaller

Fact: Shapewear need to be your size


Shapewear Myths in Malaysia


The most common of all myths – people believe your shapewear need to be one size smaller. All we want to know is who spreads that rumour?


Shapewear are properly designed for specific body sizes – all you need to do is just find the one that you will fit in and feel confident in. There are even size charts for you and depending on the compression level and style, you size will not be one for all.


On the other hand, wearing a smaller size will squeeze your body and trust us, it will not feel good. It may cause difficulties in moving, swallowing, blood circulation and even breathing. Worst case, it will cause bulging effects that is actually the opposite effect shapewear intended to create. You don’t’ want to go there.


Choosing the right size is vital and in case you are not confident, you can always visit any of our stores and our fitting consultants will happily assist you.



Myth: Shapewear cause health issues

Fact: Shapewear are delicate


Shapewear Myths Vs Facts


Like we said, we are now living in modern age and the shapewear are no longer made of any stiff fabric anymore that is strong enough to destruct the insides of your body. The new age shapewear are made from delicate, breathable and stretchable fabric.


Unless if you have been wearing it for too long or you have been wearing a size too small.


Again, if your shapewear make you feel uncomfortable – try a different size or different styles or you can consult with the consultant. The most important thing to take note; depending on the compression level, the hours recommended to wear would differ.


Low-level compression: Not more than 12 hours

Medium-level compression: Not more than 8 hours

High-level compression: Not more than 6 hours.


Find your shapewear here.



Myth: Shapewear are only for plus size

Fact: Shapewear are inclusive


Shapewear Misconceptions


This myth may stem from the way people have associated shapewear with plus size individuals from older days - it was often highlighted in marketing trends, societal expectations and body positivity campaign.


However, we’d like to remind people that modern shapewear are designed to cater to the preferences and needs of individuals of all sizes. Plus, wearing shapewear is a personal choice, no matter your size.


Body insecurities are common and everybody experienced it at some point of their lives. So, if shapewear make you feel more confident in your favourite dresses, we don’t see anything wrong with that.


After all, shapewear are all about enhancing your natural curves and at the same time providing extra support. Not just that, shapewear also help you in achieving a smooth desired look for a particular outfit. And yes, they are for all sizes :)


For more of Neubodi shapewear and lingerie, check out the full collections at


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