Mommy Me Time Ideas
11 May 2023
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Mommy Me Time Ideas

To all moms - having lived your life as a mother; the transition may not be noticeable to you at first but as time passes, you will realise how much your life has changed, how much time has gone by and how it all seems just like yesterday…


You may have intertwined yourself with stuffs that only mom does. You are perhaps busy making decisions for others, putting everyone’s health, prioritise and well-being a head of your own. Is that really a sustainable lifestyle though? If we want to be able to manage this “mom life”, it’s about time we learn how to have fun with life, live life our way, or we are going on crack.           


Luckily, the hardest part is to make the decision to “Find Time”. And since you are reading this, we gathered that you are on board with making a change, and here’s a few activities we aim to inspire you with.      



1. Grab breakfast or coffee with your friends



A good conversation is sometimes all you need – to feel heard, to feel seen.


Exchanging stories and getting life updates from your friends can serve as an assurance – you are not alone. It is really nice to know everyone is doing well and you are grateful to be given the chance to meet up together even when everyone’s schedule can be swamped with other stuff. To know they actually make time for you somehow gives you comfort in an intimate way.


It may not be similar to the good old days where you would just go out late at night and party like there is no tomorrow, but sitting down and just talking to each other early in the morning may be your new fun as an adult.



2. Go on solo walks at the park or at an art gallery – any walkable place



When was the last time you went on a walk with nothing, for nothing? You may have been accustomed to the idea of going out to get groceries, picking up your kids, doing mom’s chores; always in a rush and always ticking off your to-do list, non-stop.


Go on a walk (at a safe public place, please) and this time just enjoy the scenery, the journey – this way you are letting yourself pause for a while and observe the world that is always there yet you are too caught up on life to even notice how everything and everyone is connected to each other’s lives.


Any opportunity you get, make time and treat yourself to a solo walk. There will always be a lot more to see and many more to explore no matter how far you have travelled.


Living your life as a mum can be tiring and repetitive at times but no matter where you look, there will always be new perspective for you to see, you just need to look.



3. Find a new hobby outside of your daily routine



Being a mom sometimes make you forget the things you once loved, the hobbies you used to have.


Find the time to create a new hobby for yourself; it doesn’t have to be the same, you can always change it to other hobby. You can even do anything just for the sake of trying out new stuff. When you do it many times enough, you will realize how much learning new things and having different hobbies help in adding joy and excitement in your everyday life.


And you will realize there is so much more you have yet to learn, there is so much more will spark that little Einstein in you – you will never know unless you try.



4. Random shopping spree – retail therapy!



Any day is a good day to reward yourself. You don’t necessarily have to wait until it’s your birthday to actually get something nice for yourself. Sometimes a random shopping spree gives you a sense of motivation and it unleashes the creativity in you by just seeing and having the finer things in life.


Buy that dress you have been eyeing, buy that bag you really really love, buy that Neubodi bra to reward yourself! At the end of day, you are the only person who knows exactly what you like, what you need and what is suitable for you.


Check out our full collections here – you can shop online too!



5. Book for a manicure or pedicure – hair salon and spa session in the list too!



Pamper yourself for no reason.


A day filled with pampering is one thing you should never doubt. It definitely gives you that confidence boost; there will be a difference in the way you walk and stand – tall and proud.


You just glow differently when you are well taken care of, when you are given the treatment you deserve. It shows, it flashes indeed.


Having spent most of your time for your kids, there would be times you no longer take care of your own well-being as much as you would for your kids. You are too tired to dress up and to look good, and we understand why. Just trust us and book that appointment, it’s only one click away and all you need is to make time for it.


Give yourself a good break and a enjoy a good manicure and pedicure session. You can even book for a hair treatment, or spa session - anything that is giving queen vibe, you deserve it.



Among all, your ‘me time’ may be different from anyone and it may not be anything that we have listed. We believe and we understand self-care is customised and there isn’t one for all when it comes to self-love.


Anything that leaves you feeling brand new, feeling satisfied, feeling polished, feeling energized – go for that and make time for that.


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