Neubodi 15-Year Success in Cups, Straps, and Sizes
20 Dec 2023
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Neubodi 15-Year Success in Cups, Straps, and Sizes


Alright, buckle up! Today, we're diving into the captivating tale of Neubodi, the innerwear brand that went from a twinkle in Ms. Anne Tan's eye to a game-changer for Malaysian women everywhere. Picture this: it all began with a struggle to find the perfect fit, and now, 15 years later, Neubodi is here to dish on its evolution, growth, and a whole lot of uplifting support!


We have Joyce Ooi, Brand Marketing Director of Neubodi, joining us today on some Q&A’s.




Neubodi Store in 2008 vs Neubodi Store 2023


Question 1: How does it feel like celebrating 15 years?


Joyce: Very surreal, even kind of crazy to be honest! If I look back, I still couldn’t believe that what started off as a passion project by our founder, a small shop lot at the 2nd floor of Kota Damansara, has now transformed into a retail chain store, still standing strong and growing even stronger after 15 years, since 2008.

We, as the founding team, started off with totally zero experience in retail - so it was definitely a journey of growth, a fulfilling one for sure, but not with lots of challenges and lessons along the way as well. With this, we would like to thank our customers, each and every one of you, for choosing us, supporting us, and in turn, letting us support you everyday as well!

Intimate wear is deemed as a very personal choice and one made very close to heart, as it is the very first thing you put on in the morning, and it lays the foundation for how you feel the entire day!





Question 2: Describe Neubodi In One Sentence


Joyce: Inclusive and supportive. We help women of all age, size, and colour to feel confident through our bra fitting consultations, ensuring that they always have the right undergarment to start their day.




Neubodi's core values and products is still the same


Question 3: How has the brand direction and its designs changed over the years?


Joyce: What I love about the brand is that we haven’t really changed much over the years, and managed to stay really true to our from the beginning. Of course, in terms of branding we have tweaked our logo, changed the way we market or shoot campaigns, but if you were to look that our core values and our products, you would see that it hasn’t really changed. Our best selling products since the beginning, like our Sienna contour bra series, still remains to be our most loved design to date.




Neubodi is a 100% women operated team


Question 4: What’s one thing that people don’t know about Neubodi?


Joyce: We are a company founded by women, for women! Having said that, to date all of our team members are all 100% women as well, including our warehouse and ops team! Girl power yo!




The meaning behind purple


Question 5: What is the backstory behind Neubodi’s branding colour?


Joyce: The magic of purple! It's not just a color; it's a symbol of regality, femininity, and prosperity. When it comes to our bras, think of it as a magical metamorphosis when you slip them on – it's like your wardrobe getting a sprinkle of fairy dust!




Founded and based in Malaysia


Question 6: Is Neubodi a local brand?


Joyce: Yes! Neubodi was founded by Anne Tan back in 2008. She was building her career as a History Teacher when she received inspiration to help more Malaysian women find the right size bra and to educate more women about bra and breast health.

We wear our local badge with pride as we have flourished from a single idea to a booming presence. With 10 retail havens nationwide, various e-commerce hotspots, and a official website delivering globally, our growth is a testament to the challenges and triumphs of being a local innerwear brand.




From size 65a to 100i | S to 5XL


Question 7: What makes Neubodi different?


Joyce: In alliance to the reason Neubodi was created in the first place, we are a size inclusive lingerie brand. We offer 72 different sizes from 65A - 100i / S-5XL.

In the beginning, it was all about wired collections, but we heard your concerns – the need for a more comfortable (less wires) support! What was launched then, was our Flexi-wire collection. It's like the superhero version of traditional wires, providing the same support but with an added flex for ultimate comfort. Say goodbye to bra-induced headaches!

And then, 2020 happened – the year of pajamas and Zoom calls. Bras took a back seat, and bralessness became the norm. Cue the entrance of our TRUENAKED range. These wireless wonders quickly stole the spotlight and are still rocking the charts as our best sellers. What makes them different? TRUENAKED are every woman go-to option for a second-skin-like comfort – with some support and lift that our boobies need to get through the day!




panties, shapewear, loungewear, sportswear and also lingerie detergent


Question 8: Is Neubodi only selling bras?


Joyce: Nope! While bras steal the spotlight, we've got the whole package – panties, shapewear, loungewear, sportswear, and even lingerie detergent. We're the one-stop-shop for all things supportive and comfortable.




Organises a yearly Bra Drive to provide for communities and help sustain the earth


Question 9: What other efforts does Neubodi have besides retail?


Joyce: Neubodi organises a bra recycling campaign every year since 2012 known as Neubodi Bra Drive. It is an effort to give back to society and our dear mother earth. For 1 month, we will collect bras nationwide. We also reached out to a number of NGOs to donate the good conditioned bras to the rural areas and villages in East Malaysia and also underprivileged communities in Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, Cambodia & Africa. While for bad conditioned bras, we will recycle it into biofuel pellets for industrial boilers - this will also help eliminate 23% of carbon dioxide emissions.

Moving forward to today - Neubodi has successfully collected more than 160k (not incl 2023) bras and we would like to continue doing this for generations as a way to do our part in saving the environment.

For more information on Neubodi’s Bra Drive, you may visit here.




With that, we wrapped up this Q&A session while looking back at the past decade and half with Neubodi! If you have any other burning questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be sure to respond to it!

Check out the full collections at OR visit us at any of our stores nationwide to get a fitting session.


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