Self-Love 101: 5 Simple Ways In Loving Yourself
09 Mar 2023
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Self-Love 101: 5 Simple Ways In Loving Yourself

Love yourself – it may seem more like a trend or another fairy tale because everyone is here and there advocating self-love yet a major part of us still hate what we look in the mirror, we still blame ourselves for the flaws we have; we are too fixated on what we lack rather than what we are and what we have to offer. What’s the point?

Here’s one important thing we all probably forget - self-love is an individual life-long journey rather than a trophy to display on the shelf. It comes and goes just like the tide. Some days you fly, some days you fall. Some days we love ourselves, some days we don’t.

The goal of loving yourself is not at all to be ‘perfect’. It’s learning your strength and weakness, identifying which can be improved and which you have to embrace - and you do that every single day.

If you try to do it altogether at the same time, it may be overwhelming and exhausting for you. No worries, we are here today to help you start loving yourself again in the daily; with tips too (we know how difficult it is).


1. Come up with your own healthy recipe to your liking and have fun with it.



We get it, eating healthy can be really such a bore sometimes – there’s not much variety, limited flavours and most of the time they just don’t look…tasty.

Here’s what you can do –

Pick one day and sit down to write all of the fruits and vegetables that you would actually eat and importantly, the ones you don’t hate. Those are the food that will cover half of your plate of every meal. We would recommend playing with colours; it’s just more fun and pleasing to the eye (it’s Instagrammable too!). From there, you can come up with your own recipes that you actually like so you would enjoy eating them.

Oh and you can add the fun by having snacks in between! Did you know you will likely crave for unhealthy food choices when you have to wait a longer time for your next meal? Yeah, it all makes sense now.


Our tips: Bring to-go snacks together with you in your bag – like the delicious Kintry Anak Malaysia MAXI Gift Box snacks. Not only they’re healthy, they even come in mini packages!



2. Treat your skin as the friend who gives you that ‘glow’.



Skincare – literally the trend now, which is a great thing. You probably believe you have had it all figured out looking at the youtubers or the influencers on social media. Having your own skincare routine is an important key, but for it to work its magic it needs have the right product line customised for you.

The good thing about skincare being a trend is; you will always have a cheaper option. However, the problem is, of course - there would be too many options for you to look at.

One important thing to remember - similar to your body shape, you also have your own skin type and it has its own significant needs. With that you will need to learn about your skin; observe the triggers and figure out how to comfort your skin. Only then you will be able to pick the suitable products for this friend of yours.

If you are looking a place to start – this Mini Face Oil Kit from Joi is perfect for you to try out. It has affordable price range for other products too; browse their website to see more!



Our Tips: Do a lot of research rather than just following other people’s review – your skin is a sensitive one and definitely know what it likes and dislike (you can literally see it on the face).


3. Buy cute lingerie that fits you and enhances your body feature.



In this generation, it’s easy for you to jump from one fashion aesthetic to another – just for the fun of it or to find the right one that fits your personality. The variety of style ceaselessly increasing day by day and you will find the street naturally became the runway for people.

Although it is all fun and exciting to have different clothing style – one important thing you should never half-heartedly pick is your lingerie; the bra you wear and the panty you buy.

Rather than just fashion, you need to take your health into consideration when it comes to your wardrobe of lingerie. This is because we wear it every day – for support and for comfort. Not just to look good, we want to feel good too.

The exact reason why Neubodi highlights the importance of finding your right bra size; no one’s body shape is the same as the other because we are never built the same as if there was a template. The woman with your weight does not necessarily have the same bra size as yours – it’s more complicated than just size S, M and L.

If you are unsure of your size, get our consultant’s help online! Or you can walk in our stores and they would be more than happy to assist – we have 72 bra sizes for you to choose from.



Our Tips: Always prioritise comfort – if it’s cute but you have to squeeze any part of your body to wear it, it’s not cute.


4. Master the art of pampering yourself.



We see people normalising spa treatments, manicure and pedicure session – and hair treatments too! We love seeing it, we love seeing people pampering themselves and giving themselves a queen treatment (like we all should!)

But we do understand most of the time, those pampering moments cost a lot and while it might not fall within your budget, worry not - there is always a more economical option.

You can DIY it at home! Home spa is cozier, warmer and it saves you money – another way to love yourself too. You can consider investing in massage kit, or nailing kit, we have it all these days. Bath bombs too! A warm soak in the bath can never go wrong; essential oil is also a great addition to complete the package.

You can try our favourite – Mini Portable 80ml Diffuser with ranges of essential oil from The Olive Tree. Experience the spa vibe in your home, in your safe space anytime you like.



Our Tips: Play the type of music you like to listen to – if you prefer silence then we would recommend playing background music; rain sound, wave sound. The mind can be loud sometimes.


5. Pay extra attention to your body starting today.



Appointment with doctor may not be the best kind of dates and eating medicine is not at all fun – we don’t want to go there.  While eating healthy is essential in your journey of self-love, knowing your body condition is equally important along the way. After all it is a home that we will forever live in, our body.

Starting today, try to pay attention to what your body feels; how it reacts and notice if there is any irregularity you need to look into further (please don’t trust everything you read on google and go for a check-up at the nearest clinic/hospital).

Especially for women, having forced to fit into society’s definition of beautiful - if you looked back to your calendar, when was the last time you have your breasts checked? A lot of people are unaware of its importance because to some people it is a taboo topic to talk about (even in this generation). Take a look into the mirror and start there.


Our Tips: If you are a shy person, here’s how you can start taking care of your breast – check out MIMONE Spa newly-launched product made specifically for women; Bust Series Set: Flaunt Your Shape. They have spa treatments too!



All the little things you do in your daily, try to include activities you would like and which would be good for you – mentally, emotionally or physically.

Do it slowly, one by one and you will see the difference. Again, you know yourself the best – that makes you the only person who would know how to love you best.


Check these out before you go –


For more of Neubodi shapewear and lingerie, check out the full collections at

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