The Top 7 Bra Mistakes That You Are Probably Making
22 Jul 2021
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The Top 7 Bra Mistakes That You Are Probably Making

If you are sick and tired of bra issues, then this is the post for you! Learn about the 7 most common bra mistakes and how to put them right! Your boobies, and the rest of you, will thank you for it! Take a look!

Wearing the wrong sized bra. A lot of women wear a band size too large and a cup size too small. Make sure to get yourself properly measured and fitted once in a while.


MISTAKE #1: Bra straps constantly slip off your shoulders. 

This is due to either the straps are not being tightened enough or having lost their elasticity. If the bra straps are being too loose and often glide down, your bra cups will not be holding up against the breasts but crease. Hence, it will give you the impression that the cup size is too big. Try to adjust the bra straps first before considering changing your bra for a smaller size. If it appears that no matter how many times you tightened the strap and it still slips off your shoulder, it's time to throw away the bra.

Another scenario would be the bra straps digging in your shoulder. This issue is usually happening to women who are more busty. The bra straps will dig in the shoulders and causing red marks or dips in the shoulders that remain even when they take off the bra. Most of the women believe that the straps should provide all the support in lifting the breasts, resulting in bra straps are being adjusted too tight whenever they don't feel any support from the bra instead of checking whether the bra band still fits them firmly. If you're having this issue, consider buying one band size smaller and seek professional advice from the Bra Fitting Specialist. 

PERFECT FIT #1: Wide bra straps that lay flat on shoulders. 

Look for bras that have wide bra straps. As mentioned earlier, even though bra straps should not be doing all of the heavy liftings, but it does provide 15%-20% of support to our breasts. Do you know, with bra straps that are at least 15mm wide it can better distribute your breasts' weight more evenly so you're less likely to slouch or feel like you've got a heavy-weight pulling on your shoulder. This can effectively prevent you from experiencing shoulder strain, neck strain, and muscle tension headaches. How do you make sure your bra straps are adjusted to the right fit? REMEMBER THIS: The tightness of your bra band should allow only 2 FINGERS to move under it freely. 

Mistake#2: Bra size too small resulting in bulges at the top and sides of the bra

If It Doesn't Fit... Don't Wear It!
If your breasts are bulging out from the top of your bra This can happen for a variety of reasons or a combination of them. 



 A right-fitted bra should cover up to your armpit area, encase your breast fully within its cup to prevent the formation of accessory breasts. A right bra will give a slimmer and more attractive silhouette too. 

MISTAKE #3: Bra cups are half-empty

In other words, does your bra gap, pucker, or wrinkle? You’re not the only one.

Many of us who are wearing an ill-fitted bra will be experiencing this but more often than not, the gapping on the bra cups will be more obvious for women with East-West, Asymmetric, Bell Shape, or Slender breast shapes.

WHY? Because the common characteristic of these breast shapes is that the breasts rest at the bottom of their cups, leaving a rather big empty space at the top for cup gaping if the bra is NOT THE RIGHT FIT & RIGHT CUTTING. 

PERFECT FIT #3: The breasts should fill up the bra cup without spillage. 

Bra cups are half empty due to bra size being too big. The breasts should fill up the bra cup without spillage. Go for a size smaller and tighten the straps as well. 


Mistake#4: Bra band too thin and small

You may not realize but the band of your bra is the most important part when it comes to supporting. It holds about 80 percent of your breast’s weight and acts as an anchor.

Your breasts can weigh more than you think, up to a 5KG each side! A bra band that is too thin does not offer the right support to the breast and it won't be able to give you the lift you are looking for. 

PERFECT FIT #4: Go for a wide band support

A good supportive bra should be of at least 3 hooks and eyes, with a 12CM wideband to smooth out side and back bulges. This also ensures that the bra band can support the bra band of at least 80%. 


Mistake#5: Your bra band is riding up

If the back of your bra always rides up and is no longer a straight line, this indicates that your band size is too big for you, and because of this you hardly feel any support for your breasts, resulting in you shortened the bra straps too much in order to lift your breasts up. In this case, you should get one band size smaller that provides better support. 

However, if you've been wearing the bra for more than a year, there's a possibility that the band has actually lost its elasticity. Always consult a bra fitting expert to get your bra size check before deciding to get one band size smaller. 


PERFECT FIT #5: Bra back must always be parallel to the floor

Place a finger underneath your band. If more than one finger fits it’s too loose, and if you can’t fit a finger underneath it’s too tight. If you can fit one finger comfortably underneath your band it’s just loose enough. 

Get one band size smaller, or as advised by your bra fitting expert. Bra back must be parallel to the floor to hold the breasts in the right position. If it’s up too high or too low in the back adjust the straps.



Mistake#6: Bra center gore sits away from your chest

If the center gore is floating away from your chest, either the cups may be too small, or the band too big. If the cups are too small, you’ll know because they won’t contain your breast tissue, which might spill out of the top, sides, or bottom (take a peek near your underarms, a commonplace for spillage). And if you suspect that’s the case, consider going up a cup size to ensure your breasts are fully encapsulated.

On the other hand, if the band is too big (as in, you’re wearing it on the tightest setting and still not getting adequate support), then you’ll want to go down a band size.


PERFECT FIT #6: Bra centre panels lays flat on your chest

It's best if the center panel between the cups of your bra sits firmly against your chest (sternum).  A bra that does not tack usually means one of two things: the cups are too small, or the bra style simply doesn’t match your breasts. Try a cup size up, or find styles with more cup depth.


Mistake#7: My bra and breast bounce along with movement 

There is a difference between jiggling and bouncing, while it's normal for boob tissues to be moving around slightly, it gets painful when the full boob is going up and down. In fact, excessive breast motion can lead to breast pain, embarrassment and potential damage to the delicate breast tissue in the longer term. If your breast bounces as you move, jump or walk, this means that you have the wrong bra fit. 


PERFECT FIT #7: A good bra minimise bounce up to 60%

A right bra should minimize jiggling, shape the appearance of a woman’s breasts, and are also helpful from a health standpoint. Wearing the right bra keeps a girl’s breasts supported while she’s playing a sport and can help prevent injury to breast tissue.

A well-fitting bra is also important for a woman’s posture, particularly if she has large breasts. A bra that doesn’t fit can cause back problems, muscle tension, and even headaches.






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