Do I need an account to purchase?
Yes, you need to create an account to make a purchase. Having an account with us enables you to enjoy shopping privileges, and eases your next purchase. It also entitles you to enjoy any ongoing rebate program.
How do I select items to purchase?
Click the Shopping Cart (icon) or Add to Cart button to add item to your Shopping Cart.
How do I proceed through the checkout process?
  • Click the Shopping Cart icon at the top of the page.
  • Select Checkout or View Cart and make sure that the items in the cart are accurate.
  • Enter your payment and shipping address, choose the preferred shipping method, and payment method.
  • Click Confirm Order, you will be redirected to the Payment page.
How do I know what is in my shopping cart?
By hovering over the Shopping Cart icon at the top of the page, the items in your Shopping Cart will be displayed.
How do I remove an item in my shopping cart?
  • By hovering over the Shopping Cart icon at the top of the page, there is a Remove button beside each item.
  • Alternatively, click View Cart, and there is a remove button beside each individual item in your cart.
How do I modify the quantity of an item in my shopping cart?
Click “View Cart”, the quantity of the item will be stated there.
How would I know that Neubodi has received my order?
You will receive a Confirmation Email that states your order has been received.
How do I cancel an order?
Once the order is processed, you can no longer cancel your order.
How do I apply promotional code to my order?
At the Checkout page, there is a “Use Coupon Code” column, enter the Coupon code there and click the green tick at the side.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We currently accept credit cards, bank transfer, Paypal and Cash-On-Delivery.
Is it safe to give you my credit card number/personal information over the Internet?
It is safe to shop online, Neubodi keeps your information discreet. The payment gateway we use is eGHL - an Internet Payment Service and Solution operated by GHL ePayments Sdn Bhd, a MSC status company since 1999.
Can my order be delivered internationally?
Yes, we deliver internationally. International shipping is calculated based on a number of factors including the number of items you are purchasing, the weight of the items, and the destination country. International shipping will be calculated and guaranteed during the international checkout based on the items you are purchasing and your shipping destination.
How long does it normally takes to ship out items once payment is made?
Neubodi processes your order within 24 hours and will ship within the next 24 hours.
What are your delivery charges?
The delivery charges are stated in Shipping & Returns on our website.
Can I ship to multiple addresses with one order?
  • Our check- out system does not currently let one person send multiple items to different addresses within one order.
  • If you would like to ship to multiple locations, please place separate orders with the desired shipping addresses.
How much duty and taxes are charged on international orders?
Duty (or customs tariffs) is set by the destination country customs authorities and is determined based on a combination of the country of origin or manufacturing of the goods being purchased if deemed applicable.
I haven’t received my parcel, who can I contact?
Once the product is dispatched from us, the third party postal service providers are responsible for your package. We will provide you with the tracking number and postal service used once it is dispatched, and you can contact the respective postal service for any enquiries regarding your parcel.
What is Neubodi’s return policy and who do I contact regarding returns?
The Return policy is written in our Terms & Conditions, and you can contact us using the Contact Us page on our website, or email us at support@neubodi.com
Can I return my purchase?
For all items, to qualify for an exchange, refund or credit, merchandise and items must be returned unused, accompanied by the invoice or receipt of goods sold. We do not allow exchange or refund once the items are not in its original, resale able conditions.
What are the conditions to qualify for return/exchange?
Conditions to qualify for return and exchange are as follow:
  • Manufacturing defect in Neubodi’s merchandise (such as defects that includes holes from a loose stitch, missing parts, faulty stitching and discolouration)
  • Wrong merchandise (incorrect order ID and/or product code) shipped
How do I return a purchase?
To start, please visit neubodi.com/return to submit a case report within 24 hours upon receiving the parcel. We will get back to you within 48 hours with a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA). Neubodi will provide instructions once an RMA is issued. Neubodi will determine the severity of defect before we provide further instructions/request for the item to be mailed back to us.

For all return items, kindly ensure your return authority number (eg. Return ID #) is stated clearly on a piece of paper inside the parcel.

You can only return the Product, at your own cost and risk via courier. Customers shall bear full responsibility in making sure items mailed back are packed securely and sealed properly.

Neubodi strongly encourages you to use a delivery service with tracking capability and will not be responsible for lost mails in connection to such returns or exchange.

For items that are deemed defected by Neubodi, we will exchange for the same item that is still in stock. All items sold are not refundable, we will issue store credit to you only if
  • The item is having defect and there is no more stock to replace your purchase or
  • The purchased items went out of stock and no longer available to be pre-ordered.

Neubodi reserves the right to exercise discretion in permitting all returns and exchanges. Items mailed back to Neubodi without prior confirmation with us will not be entertained.
Are bras are the same?
No. There are as many different types of bra shapes, styles and cuts as there are styles of jeans! It’s great to know what works well for you but don’t be afraid to try a new style, even if you think it won’t suit you. You may be surprised at how you look and feel!
Is my bra size always the same no matter what style bra I wear?
Nearly 80% of women wear the wrong bra size! Since women can fluctuate in weight (over any period of time), even the remaining 20% should own a few different sizes. It’s good to educate yourself on how a bra should fit or get professionally fitted every 6 months. Ask your bra-fitting specialist to explain the “What, Whys and Hows” and you’ll have the right size bra for any situation.
What is the difference between an A cup and a C cup bra? Does that mean that an A cup woman is smaller than a C cup woman?
Not necessarily. A size 75A is the same cup size as a 65C. The cup size needs to change in proportion to the band. For example, a size 75 will have wider breast tissue distribution than a 65 band. This is called sister-sizing, and you’ll find a helpful chart in our HOW TO FIT A BRA section that easily explains the corresponding cup sizes.
If I have a larger back size, does that mean I have a broad back?
No. Your back size involves your underband; positioned in the narrowest part of your back, not your shoulders. If you wear a size 10 blouse but wear a 80D bra, you may be wearing the wrong size bra!
Here’s why: The back of a 80D is wider than you are, and would ride up until it stops at a wider section of your upper back.
To correct this, your underband size should correspond to your top size, or not be far off. If you wear a size 10 blouse with a 80D bra, try a 70E or a 75F. Go to the sister -sizing chart to see what could be relevant for you.
Why would you be a size 10 in one, but a 14 in another especially when your bra should fit firmer than your top!!
When I wear a bra, is it supposed to be painful?
Never! If your bra hurts, you are wearing the wrong size. Many women avoid wearing underwire bras because it hurts them. The underwire plays an important part in the structure of your bra to provide support and lift. There is always a solution for an uncomfortable bra! Let us help you get fitted.
Does my bra support comes from the straps?
No. Your bra’s underband should support the weight of your breasts, never your straps! Your straps are the final adjustment for your bra for a good reason. They help by ensuring the top of your bra cups sit flat on your chest. If your bra support comes from your straps, let us help you get fitted for proper support and comfort.
I have been wearing A cup for years, why do I need to change to a D cup suddenly?
Your bra size should never define who you are. Bra sizing was only introduced in 1983, and was limited to sizes A, B, C and D. There are more sizes now because bra companies recognize the need to accommodate women of all backgrounds, shapes and sizes. In other words bra sizes are still evolving. Neubodi over 600 sizes, colours and designs, available up to I Cup!
A larger size, like an E cup, may not necessarily mean you have a lot of volume; it could also refer to the width of your breast tissue. By wearing the right size you will feel 100% more comfortable, and look even better with a proportional and flattering silhouette!
If I have back fats, should I still wear a tight bra?
It’s a fact of life that we, women have more fat deposits than men. The bras you and I wear are designed to flatter and support our breasts, not our backs. Would you prefer no back fat and saggy breasts, or lifted breasts and a little back fat? In order to give your breasts lift, your bra’s underband needs to be firm. Every bra you own is at its firmest when you buy it and it needs to be worn in so it can conform to your body. It’s like buying shoes or jeans in a firmer fit – let your body determine the shape, not the shoes or jeans!
There are red imprints on my skin, does that mean my bra is too tight?
Unless your bra is painful to wear, red imprints on your skin do not guarantee that you are wearing the wrong size. For example socks, watches and underwear elastic can leave similar red marks, and can indicate they are worn firmly so as not to move on your body throughout the day.
My bras always seem loose on my breasts. Does it mean I have lost weight?
Not necessarily. It could simply mean its time to change the bra style you are wearing. For example, if your breasts are fuller at the lower half than the top half, a balconnet bra will lift your breasts, creating a more flattering shape.
In some instances it could also mean your cup size is too big, but it is also important to make sure you have adjusted your bra correctly, and that you are wearing the right style for your breast shape.
The checklist to follow includes:
  • Check that you’ve scooped all your breast tissue past the wire
  • Confirm that your straps are firm enough (loose straps will cause the top of the cup to sit further away from your chest)
  • Comb two fingers through your braline and underband to ensure that it sits firmly on your breasts.
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